Vector Search Engineering Lab

MLOps Community Engineering Lab (Hackathon) in collaboration with Redis and Saturn Cloud.

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October 24 2022 - November 4 2022

Redis, MLOps Community, NVIDIA Inception, and Saturn Cloud are collaborating to host an Engineering Lab (Hackathon) centered on Vector Search using the arXiv scholarly papers dataset.

Teams will leverage tools & techniques including:

in order to produce a data product that creates value from the arXiv papers datasets and Redis as an in-memory vector database.

Why Join?

Take part in the future. Get ahead of the field. Learn new and emerging techniques in the areas of embedding creation and vector based search, win cool prizes, and meet awesome folks! Plus – we’ve made it painfully easy to get started. What’s not to love?!

🏆 Prizes

Top teams have the chance to win cash prizes, an NVIDIA 3080 Ti GPU, Redis swag, and the opportunity to present at a local MLOps Community meetup!! Check out the full list.

Getting Started

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Sign up as team of up to 4 participants.

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This will be our primary source of communication during the hackathon. Please join! Use this space for collaboration, team creation, or extra help/resources. All important announcements will be here.

Join the #engineeringlabs channel!

🤝🏽 Don’t Have a Team?

  1. Sign up and join our Slack in the #engineeringlabs channel.
  2. Find team mates by connecting with others in that space.

Having a team (up to 4 people) will give you a competitive advantage. So, YES, it’s probably worth it.

💪 Things You’ll Need

NVIDIA Inception

We’re thrilled to have NVIDIA’s Inception program at the table to help assist with teams and startup companies interested in leveraging the full-spectrum of offerings from NVIDIA.

Learn more. Get access to premium NVIDIA hardware, experts, co-marketing support, and the best technical tools / resources to accelerate your startup’s mission.